Finish: roble, blanco matt, ocre matt, ceramics luna and glass parsol gris.
Handle: touch-latch.
Legs: low wood roble.
L 333,1 H 164,8 P 55/32,1

Finish: glass blanco gloss, blanco matt, glass blanco matt and gloss, glass turquesa gloss and ceramics luna.
Handle: touch-latch.
L 184,8 H 67,8 P 47,1

Finish: roble fumé and cayena matt
Handle: touch-latch.
Legs: high wood roble fumé.
L 156,2 H 78,8 P 47,1

Finish: roble fumé, roble, chocolate matt and ceramics ceniza.
Handle: touch-latch.
L 276,2 H 175 P 55/32,1

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